Newheart Ohanian is a graduate of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. She began her fashion career as a designer and after several years of working in the industry, decided to shift her focus and embark on a career as a freelance fashion stylist. Having spent time in Florence and Milan studying apparel and textile design, she draws upon her knowledge and experiences while bringing a unique edge to the fashion industry.
Newheart's flair for fashion and her love of storytelling through visual imagery is what makes her invaluable to all of her clients. Her innate talent accompanied by her professionalism, has lead her work to be featured in numerous international fashion magazines. Newheart is as creative and artistic as she is motivated. She possesses a flawless sense for what is contemporary and timeless.
Newheart is a native New Yorker and currently is based in New York City, but travels to LA often. She is fluent in Armenian, and can also understand Arabic in the Syrian/Lebanese dialect, along with a basic understanding of French and Spanish.