Props + Sets

Born in New York City, Antonio Ballatore was raised in a small family home in upstate New York. He explained, "Our home started off as a little bungalow then grew into a larger house with multiple art studios because both my parents were artists". His entire loft is a collection of art, memorabilia, and rich tribute to people who have impacted his life. "My dad is also an avid collector so he filled our home with beautiful art and rare, out of the ordinary antique pieces, some of which have been passed down to me. My dad has been one of my biggest design influences and from him I've also developed his habit of collecting."
Antonio suggests that he got into design by "accident". After running a local bar in Manhattan's Lower East Side, he went on tour to play music with some hardcore punk bands. After returning from tour one year, he ran into a friend who was building sets for photographer David LaChapelle. A year later, he was LaChapelle's full time set designer building elaborate sets for all of his photo shoots. It was this very experience that opened many doors to Antonio's career, landing him on set with world famous photographers such as Annie Leibovitz and Mark Seliger.
Antonio Ballatore went on to win Season Four of HGTV’s “Design Star” in 2009. After winning, he starred in his own docu-design series on HGTV titled “The Antonio Treatment” which lasted for two seasons. Antonio also founded his own design studio, Studio 413, and teamed up with industry professionals to form the lifestyle agency, The Ingredient Group. Some of Antonio's clients include Lexus, Visa, Charles David and Ikea to name a few as well as top photographers David LaChappelle, Annie Leibovitz, Torkil Gudnason, Robert Trachtenberg and Deborah Anderson.