Men's Grooming

Amy Freeman takes a fresh, clean, natural approach to her craft. Her ability to give a face a healthy glow and bring out the natural beauty in everyone she works with has made her an in-demand talent with a loyal clientele.  Repeatedly requested, she has the capacity to draw from the individual what will make them look and feel their best while expressing her view of beauty.  Her capacity to do this has made her an indispensable artist, working as effortlessly with award winning actors as with everyday people, letting everyone feel comfortable and at ease, ready for the red carpet or a photo shoot.

A native Californian, Amy has always been drawn to the effortless beauty of the beaches and the laid back natural style she grew up seeing on the west coast. She comes from a family of artists, from photographers to painters, and was always encouraged to be creative.  She brings an easygoing, entertaining, warmth to every assignment and is always ready to help make things go as smoothly and enjoyable as possible.