Growing up in her mother’s salon, Viktorija Bowers discovered at a very early age that the rituals of beauty are more than just curling hair or applying makeup. It is that human connection, kindness, and happiness that her mother bestowed with every flick of the brush that made a lasting impression on her.
Upon moving to NYC, with no connections and pockets full of dreams, Viktorija has managed to build an impressive portfolio with clients the likes of Maybelline, Garnier, Olay, Macy’s, Avon, Dove and Neiman Marcus. She has also appeared on TV as a Makeup Expert on Makeover shows, as well as various public speaking engagements ranging from Sephora classes to introduction videos for cosmetic companies like Benefit. 
Viktorija has helped develop brushes for the beauty tools company Tweezerman, as well as starred in their videos introducing the new line and offering makeup tutorials while using the new brush collection. Recently, she created the makeup looks for some of the official face charts for the Electric palette by Urban Decay, by fusing makeup with her artwork that’s featured in all their stores across the country. A proud moment for Viktorija came in the fall of 2014 when the French cosmetic company, Make Up For Ever, honored her as one of 30 featured artists in the industry. It was a campaign to celebrate their 30th anniversary.
Her love of painting has trained her to be able to understand and practice restraint when needed, but also not be afraid of creative tasks given to her by clients. A world traveler who is based in NYC lives with her husband and her daughter Fae Luna, her greatest creation.
Viktorija aside from her makeup kit always carries her mother’s mantra, that kindness is the most powerful beauty tool and behind every canvas there is a person with their own colorful story, waiting to be painted.  Viktorija is fluent in Croatian.