Hair + Make-up

Adrienne Herbert laughs when asked what first drew her to hair & makeup. "It all started with blood, guts and werewolves" laughs the L.A. native. Unlike her fellow artists, Adrienne's love of makeup started by dragging her mother to Waldenbooks to buy Fangoria Magazine rather than by playing dress up.

Lucky for us, Adrienne's interest in monsters somehow evolved into a love affair with aesthetics. The former aesthetician goes on to explain that "makeup is meant to compliment the subject not compete with them." Her unique style enhances natural features and makes skin look beautifully flawless, while still allowing it to appear as a beautiful living entity.

Although Adrienne did the requisite makeup training she feels that her true development as an artist evolved through years of on the job training. She even admits that early on that she was "terrified of hair." But as a young artist eager to prove herself, she mastered that task as well which has manifest itself into the unlikely yet pleasing combination of a makeup artist who is gifted in the art of beautiful faces and creates inventive yet simple and gorgeous hair. Adrienne's philosophy and expertise extends to all who grace her chair - children and teens, women and men, editorial and advertising.

This rising star also enjoys contributing to a fun, collaborative, warm, yet professional environment on all projects. Her stellar abilities matched with her positive attitude make her a valuable presence working with clients such as Vans, Target, Kohl's, Shape Magazine, French Marie Claire and German Glamour.

When she's not creating beautiful faces and eye-catching hairstyles, Adrienne loves going to see live music, traveling, being outdoors, visiting the great L.A. museums, thrift shopping, and finds herself oddly fond of polishing her shoes.

Adrienne lives in Silverlake with her two cats Jeff Buster and Andij Von Buschelheisen.